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Cognor Spółka Akcyjna Oddział Ferrostal Łabędy w Gliwicach

44-109 Gliwice,
Anny Jagiellonki Street 47
phone: (+48 32) 2347 600
fax: (+48 32) 2347 650

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8. List of documents connected with TCCB

PN-88/H-04420                   - Metals. Steel semi-products and products. Measurement of shape deviations

PN-EN 10204:2006            - Metal products. Types of inspection documents

Procedure according       - PP:7-01.11.   Final inspection of blooms.

to PN EN ISO 9001:2009

Criteria of Mannesman   - Classification of internal defects on round blooms cast  

Demag AG                          on steel continuous casting equipment                                       

Fundusze Europejskie Inteligentny Rozwój