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Cognor Spółka Akcyjna Oddział Ferrostal Łabędy w Gliwicach

44-109 Gliwice,
Anny Jagiellonki Street 47
phone: (+48 32) 2347 600
fax: (+48 32) 2347 650

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Steel for specified application

1. Steel for railways


700 900A St90PA

2. Steel designed for shipbuilding


A A36 AH36

3. Steel for wire rods and rods for the production of screws and rivets for hot and cold upend forging


10JA 20JA 30HA

4. Steel of specified application – steel for pipes


K18 L290 R35 R45 St35.8
Fundusze Europejskie Inteligentny Rozwój