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Cognor Spółka Akcyjna Oddział Ferrostal Łabędy w Gliwicach

44-109 Gliwice,
Anny Jagiellonki Street 47
phone: (+48 32) 2347 600
fax: (+48 32) 2347 650

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Metal science laboratory

1. Workshop of tests on durability:

  • static stretching test (do 600kN),
  • bending test,
  • pressing test (do 1000kN),
  • impact resistance test (-40 ÷ +200C),
  • hardness test (according to Brinell, Rockwell).

2. Workshop of metallographic tests:

  • macroscopic tests (Baumann, macro-etching, upend forging, blue fracture),
  • microscopic tests (micro-structure, non-metallic inclusions, decarburization, austenite grain),
  • evaluation of samples following heat moulding.

3. Gauging chamber (calibration of measuring equipment)

  • slide caliper measurement (slide caliper, height setting gauge, depth gauge),
  • micrometric (micrometres, depth gauge micrometer),
  • gauging (conveyors, vernier sine gauge).

4. Workshop:

  • machining of metal with the aid of the range of equipment in possession (lathe, milling machine, grinder, bandsawing machine).

On the basis of the test run the laboratory carries out expert analysis in the field of cause and effect analysis on the issues commissioned to it. Tests may be carried out on samples prepared by the ordering client or samples may be delivered in a raw state and milled with the aid of machines and equipment in the Workshop Laboratory.
Preparation of the samples and tests is carried out in accordance with the binding norms, instructions and procedures of the laboratory.
The technical personnel of the Laboratory possess a high level of qualifications and many years of professional experience that render the realization of deadlines for orders within short notice.
The equipment  of the Laboratory constitutes the specialized equipment of renowned companies (Spectro, Leco, Fritsch, Herzog, RK Toni Technik, Roell Amsler, Olympus).
The Company Laboratory possesses the Certificate of the System of Management in accordance with the norm of EN ISO 9001:2000 and fulfils the requirements of the norm of PN-EN / IEC 17025.

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