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Cognor Spółka Akcyjna Oddział Ferrostal Łabędy w Gliwicach

44-109 Gliwice,
Anny Jagiellonki Street 47
phone: (+48 32) 2347 600
fax: (+48 32) 2347 650

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Ferrostal Łabędy is a company that was established in 1993, this continuing over one hundred years of tradition in steel metallurgy in the city of Gliwice located in the area of the province of Silesia which is the most industrially developed region in Poland.

The many years of experience in the metallurgical branch, excellently trained personnel and modern technical equipment have all led to the fact that Ferrostal is a company that produces steel of the highest qualitative parameters, which is confirmed by a range of branch-associated certificates. Our basic product is that of steel in the form of ingots of square, rectangular and round shapes made of non-alloy and low-alloy steel, as well as steel with micro-additions. The advanced technology, cost efficiency, as well as the process flexibility enable us to produce a very wide range of steel types in short series. Our products are applied in among other sectors, in the motoring sector, the mining sector, production of pipes and forged goods. A significant proportion of the steel produce of Ferrostal undergoes further processing into final products in our rolling mill which consists of three rolling lines producing a wide assortment of long products and hot-rolled products. Possession of technical equipment and the appropriate organization of  production enable us to achieve very good quality of goods and an efficient service of clients, both with reference to small and large orders. The rolling mill avails of the steelworks charger of Ferrostal, which guarantees the highest quality of products. We possess unique technology in terms of the reversing mill, which in turn, facilitates the achievement of the structures of material of exceptional parameters in terms of durability. This enables us to specialize in the production of flat and round bars designed for heat moulding, products of construction quality and spring steel. The company laboratory runs activities in the area of research on raw steel, steel products, raw materials and metallurgical waste, as well as water and sewage systems. 
Ferrostal Łabędy possesses a technologically advanced laboratory which consists of the following:
•    Chemical laboratory possessing a Steel Analysis Workshop,
•    Non-metallic Materials Analysis Workshop and Water and Sewage Systems Workshop.
•    Metal Science laboratory possessing the following: Workshop for Preparation of Samples, Workshop for Durability and Metallographic Testing.
The laboratory fulfils the requirements of the following norms: DIN-EN ISO 9001:2000 and PN-EN/IEC 17025:2000
Environmental protection
         Ferrostal Łabędy utilizes the two following installations from the point of view of environmental protection:  electric steel-melting shop and a rolling mill. In accordance with the binding regulations we possess an integrated permit as regards the electric steel-melting shop, while also approval for production, reclamation and neutralization of waste for the installations of the rolling mill and parts of the plant outside of these installations issued by Wojewoda Śląskiego (Provincial Governor of Silesia). Emissions of dust and gas into the atmosphere from the installations in utilization do not exceed 10% of the permissible values. In the integrated permit there is an agreement stipulated on the issue of recycling of metal waste received from other owners, including metal packing, metal elements of used cars and metal parts of used electrical and electronic equipment. Closed technological waterways are utilized.

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